The live, highly interactive virtual breakout sessions are designed to support new and experienced users alike.

Breakout sessions fall into four categories: Getting Started sessions, Going Deeper sessions, Administrator & Coach sessions, and Networking sessions. 

Getting Started sessions engage new users and leaders in understanding the basic elements of the Collaborative Classroom curricula.  

Sample Sessions may include:

  • K–6 Getting Started with Being a Writer
  • K–6 Getting Started with SIPPS
  • K–6 Getting Started with Caring School Community
  • K–2 Getting Started with Being a Reader Second Edition
  • K-2 Transitioning to Being a Reader Second Edition
  • Gr. 3–6 Getting Started with Making Meaning

Going Deeper sessions engage experienced users in leveraging aspects of the Collaborative Classroom curricula to strategically plan and facilitate learning with the goal of developing independent learners. 

Sample Sessions may include:

  • K–6 Creating Cultures of Independence

  • K–6 Looking Across Texts in Collaborative Literacy

  • K–6 Instructional Decision Making to Support English Learners: Examining the Being a Reader First Edition, Making Meaning and Being a Writer Curriculum

  • K–6 Teacher as Reader: Examining How We Make Sense of Texts Ourselves

  • K–6 Teachers as Writer: Being an Active Member of the Writing Community

  • K–6 Exploring the Instructional Decisions and Intensification in SIPPS

  • K–6 Generating and Using ClassView Pro Reports in the Learning Portal

  • K–5 Facilitating Class Meetings and Morning Circles: How Do We Maximize Student Talk and Engagement?

  • K–1 and Gr. 2–5 Caring School Discipline: How Can I Better Foster the Development of Self-discipline?

  • K–2 and Gr. 3–6 Differentiating Instruction within Collaborative Literacy: Supporting Learners at Every Level, Including the High-Fliers

  • K–2 and Gr. 3–6 Conferring in Being a Writer

  • K–2 Independent Work: Cultivating a Culture of Independence

  • K–2 Leveraging the Alignment between Being a Reader and SIPPS: Understanding How to Optimize Both Programs to Support Students

  • Gr. 3–6 Authentically Engaging Students in Individualized Daily Reading (IDR): The Purpose, the Action, the Share-Out

  • Gr. 3–6 Making the Best Use of Book Clubs

Administrator and Coach sessions support planning for professional learning and preparation for the upcoming school year.

Sample Sessions may include:

  • K–6 Administrators + Coaches Planning for Professional Learning: Collaborative Literacy + SIPPS

  • K–6 Administrators + Coaches Collaborative Classroom’s Guidance for the 2021–2022 School Year

  • K–6 Coaches and Literacy Leaders Acknowledging Our Journey: Reflecting on a Year of Change

Networking sessions: Each day of the institute will conclude with optional networking sessions in which participants can connect with like-role peers.

Registrants will be invited to select their breakout sessions in May.